Monday, September 18, 2006

More Blog Directories Plus more details in the reviews

I've been working all weekend to sample, try and submit my blogs to many of the Blog Directories that I've compiled at Softduit Partners

My list of directories has grown to 129 strong, but I now have added my impressions as I've gone through the directories and tried them myself.  I've made it through the first 50 directories when sorted according to their Page Strength.  That's right, I'm submitting my blogs to the strongest directories first, and I'd advise that you should consider the same.

Please note, that there are no referral programs with blog directories so I receive no advantage for this.  Its just a service and something I found useful for myself so I published it on the net and its kind of taken off as a project in its own right.

I'm hoping to make more progress and get through the other 79 directories within the next two weeks.  However, I just received a list of 50 more directories that were not included in the original, so I will be reviewing them and adding them in one directory at a time as well.  That will take the list of Blog Directories up to almost 200 before its all over.  That's a lot of potential for listings, readers, pings, feeds, and link backs.  If you are serious about promoting your blog you should definitely consider it.

I have had one reader confer that they spent a week listing their single blog in every single directory and saw an increase in traffic the following week by one thousand impressions per day.  For some that is huge and for some that is no big deal.

For me, I'd welcome another thousand visitors, so that's what prompted me to get off my rear and start submitting all of my blogs to these directories.  It can't hurt and I'll take the 129 link backs if nothing else!

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