Saturday, July 01, 2006

Getting Started - Part 1

  1. Click on the Wide white button above labeled "Get targeted ads on your site with Google AdSense"
  2. You'll arrive at the Google Adsense welcome screen
  3. Click on the Grey button in the middle titled "Click Here to Apply"
  4. Select an Account type : Pick Individual or Business
  5. Select an appropriate Country or Territory
  6. Enter the URL for your blogsite ex. http:// (if you don't have a blog yet, no worries, Click on the Orange B located in upper left hand corner of this blog, then click on the orange arrow labeled "create your blog now" complete the info to set up the account and then come back here to start at number 1.) Don't post anything until you apply for Adsense. There is no point in blogging for Free!
  7. Select the language your blog is published in
  8. Check both boxes for content and for Search
  9. Complete your contact information
  10. Read and agree to the Policies
  11. select a login email address and a password
  12. Click Submit

Warning. Never Click the ads in your own Blog site. This would be cheating and Google will know.

I want you to make money. You can't make money if Google closes your account.


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