Saturday, July 22, 2006

Why do sidebars fall below the body of a Blog?

There are several things that can cause a sidebar to appear to fall below the body of a blog.

As an example,

  1. A very long hyperlink in the text of your blog article can sometimes fail to wrap and make the post to wide for your side bar to fit, thus pushing it down to the bottom
  2. A picture loaded into the article of a blog that is too wide, will do the same thing and push your sidebar down to the bottom.
  3. A Google search box on your sidebar, if you make the number of visible characters too long for the box, the box itself may become too wide for your sidebar to fit next to your blog articles.

In your template there is a specific width set for both the body of your articles and for your sidebar and for your entire blog page. If you put something that is wider than is set out from the beginning in either the blog body or in the sidebar, it will cause the two components to no longer fit next to each other and then the item that appears last in your template (usually the sidebar code follows the body code) will be pushed down lower on the page.

Hope that helps you troubleshoot it in the future, and understand what you are trouble shooting!

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Tor said...

I see that happen quite often in blogs where people set them up for high resolution monitors, but don't consider that a lot of their readers might still be at 800 by 600. Also, different browsers make things look different, so whenever I monkey around with my templates, I always preview in IE, Firefox and Opera at several different resolutions.