Monday, September 18, 2006

Directory of Blog Surfing Exchanges

Softduit Partners has posted a directory of Blog Surfing Exchange sites.

Currently they feature 13 different blog exchanges that new bloggers can list their blogs within to work to surf and earn more traffic.

New bloggers and even old hands at the trade need to be careful however.  Google's Adsense program and some other advertisers frown on the exchanges that offer traffic impressions for sale for money.  Exchanges such as BlogExplosion do not seem to upset them, but some of the sites that offer bloggers the means to pay real cash for impressions violoate the TOS of Adsense.

here's my recommendation:  If you have a new blog and you are trying to build up traffic.  Take your Adsense off of the blog.  Sponsor the blog in multiple exchanges and earn yourself a following of readers and network with the other bloggers in these forums.

Down the road in a few months when you have a lot of regular traffic, you can turn off your listing at the exchanges and put Adsense back on your blog if you choose to.  This will earn you more money from Adsense as you'll have more traffic.  Plus it will let you promote your site.

I do not encourage people to purchase impressions myself.  I do think that earning impressions by networking and viewing other blogs can help however.

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