Sunday, November 12, 2006

Accidentally Click on an Adsense Ad of Your Own? Report Yourself!

Every now and then it happens to everyone, you accidentally click on an Adsense ad on your own website.

Its against the Terms of Service to click on your own ads and if you are caught (Google is very good at catching people eventually) you will lose your Adsense account and any accumulated money in that account.

If you happen to be on your website and the mouse slips and you accidentally click an ad, Report Yourself immediately.

Very professionally report to Google that on the date in question and the site in question (provide the URL) you believe that you accidentally clicked on your own ad and would like that particular click noted and removed by Google from your Adsense earnings.

Similarly, if you see a trend in your Adsense clicks and it appears that a visitor to your website is inappropriately clicking on your ads over and over, you may want to provide Google an email pointing out the issue such that they can potentially blog the click through results for that person IP address.

You can find more information on contacting google at their Help Center.

You can also email them directly with this address

Accidents happen to everyone, just be open and honest with Google so that they can protect their own reputation and their advertisers money.

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