Thursday, November 30, 2006

Closing out the Month of November earning about $6 - $60 from MyLot

Well I'd project that I am going to make about $6 from MyLots for the month of November.  It was a partial month and I only put in a little bit of time.

Today MyLot upgraded their algorithm which is supposed to increase the amount of earnings that are paid to people that provide quality postings so I am hopeful of seeing an increase in my earnings as I always give the good stuff.

The real benefit I have recieved from MyLot has been in generating ideas.  Those ideas have earned me about 10 times as much money (again for just a few hours of work and that's money I would not have seen otherwise).

So for a few hours, I'm netting around $60 give or take $5.  That's close to $10 per hour for marginal hours that would have been spent in front of the boob tube and that instead are promoting my business, brand, writing and more!

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