Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Freelance Writing Service pays you for your Content!

I have been deep into my laptop today, writing for a new freelance writing service and testing things out overall.

I like the concept of the service as they have a combination written, audio, and video content monetization platform.  Plus, its not a review site where you write about the topics they hand you from sponsors, instead they are looking for unique content written about anything that you find interesting.

The downside is that the articles don't get published on your site, you get paid up front and then they market your writing to the highest bidder where ever that might be.

This is overall very similar to a blog directory that I have written for in the past, but that directory does not pay you for any of your articles, just delivers up a little more recognition, circulation and traffic through links in your profile.

So its a good way to get more exposure for my writing and for my name and I do get the benefit of promoting my writing profile which includes links back to my website and two of my blogs.

For anyone interested on investigating the service, you can find out more with my personal invitation.  I've only written my first article for them today, and have no earned any money yet nor been paid in actual cash. 

I am not endorsing them yet.  I'll save that for the day when I get the first PayPal Payment! 

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