Sunday, November 12, 2006

It is Possible to Monetize your Feed with Adsense!

Here's a great way to monetize your feed!

That's right many people don't fully appreciate the power of a feed.  They look at a feed a way for a reader to read your content without having to go to your site and possibly earn you some money through your sponsors or other programs.

This is partly true and partly false.  First, it is a convenience that you offer to your customers the reader.  Second, they may not always have the time to come to your website, so providing this convenience allows them to stay in touch with your work and keep your site relevant and necessary for them.

Three, it is possible to monetize your feed, even through feedburner with Adsense!  Just like in your blog or website, you can insert Adsense code into your feed.  The feed if generating full html will then insert your adsense code on the destination website that the person is looking at after every few articles (usually 3-5 articles with an adsense section dropped in)

Typically I recommend a box style adsense section as opposed to a skyscraper which can mess up the code.

Now that you know its possible, check back in one of my future articles (within an article or three from now) and I'll walk you through the processes of inserting Adsense into a blogger feed, into other hard coded feeds, and even how to include adsense for search boxes into your feeds!

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