Wednesday, November 29, 2006

MyLot Earnings Update!

OK, I wanted to give my readers an update about MyLot .

First, if you missed my original article on it, MyLot is a forum that pays you for your contributions to the forum in regards to the content you provide including:

  • written content
  • discussions,
  • replies,
  • comments and replies to other comments and replies,
  • uploaded images
  • tags applied to written content
  • tags applied to images

Basically, MyLot recognizes that forums earn money from the people that write and talk to each other in them.  Instead of keeping that money for themselves, they share it with the people using the service.

This is a lot like Adsense, if MyLot earns money from Adsense they have an algorithm that attributes a portion of the earnings from the page that generated it to the people involved in the content submission on that page.


I have not been as active as I intended on the site as I have been traveling, but I have earned over $4 there in the last couple weeks.  Its not a lot of money, but its better than nothing and the site has proven to be an excellent source for ideas.  I've broken through writers block there at least a half dozen times such that I could write articles for a number of other sites, that have earned me several hundred dollars. 

I look at it as a service that helps give me ideas and tips me on the way out the door!

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