Saturday, November 11, 2006

New Internet Marketing Resource

You may want to bookmark a new internet marketing resource called NetResults, which is a newly launched website. 

NetResults has created a internet marketing blog hoping to pool the efforts of multiple people in a group blog.  They will cover topics that will vary from  Web 2.0 to Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and to general internet marketing topics.

NetResults Marketing Collaborative Site

If you are interested in writing on occassion with NetResults or occassionaly submit an article to them for posting they can be reached by email from their website (thumbnail feature on the right).  This is an excellent way to cross promote your own writing abilities and often times your own website or blog as well.  It develops community, and introduces you to other people working in areas that might interest you. 

They get to know you and you them and you might then follow each others writing.  Sometimes group writing projects like this will also generate referral or reciprocal links.  Sometimes these are in the content itself and sometimes in profiles on various pages of the website.

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