Thursday, November 16, 2006

Organizing Your Novel on A Blog

have dreams of writing your own novel?  Don't want to do it for free?

Do you want to attract and keep readers?

I'm going to walk through a few tips on the topic of Novel writing.  This will be the first in the series

Organizing Your Table of Contents

I've seen many other blog writers write up a book on a blog.  They are often very difficult to read.  Not because the writing is bad, but because the chapter structure of a book doesn't work well with a blog.  The nature of a blog lists the chapters in order of the most recent submission.

Here's a suggestion to help your new readers get acquainted with your writing in the proper sequence.

  1. Create a blog post that lists the chapters in order. -    Chapters 1 - 30
  2. For each chapter write the chapter title, then highlight the text and create a hyperlink to that actual chapter.
  3. If you haven't completed a chapter or haven't named a chapter yet, then just write
    • Chapter 14 Climax of this book - Chapter not published yet
    • Chapter 15 - Chapter not written yet
    • Chapter 16 - Chapter written but not named
  4. When you post this blog article with your table of contents, future date the posting and this article will always appear at the top of your blog. Example date it for November 1, 2007

Alternatively, and probably even better, take this same code and put it manually in the top of your sidebar!  This might be better if you write other things in your blog beside the chapters for your novel. 

If you have multiple novels, create a different section with TOC for each book, and if you are good with coding write it such that the TOC toggles away (expands or contracts as necessary.)

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