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As you are working to develop your blog or website, you will want to focus building out your site and monitoring how well it grows in the eyes of the Search Engines.

Some of my best blogs and websites receive over 60% of their traffic from search engines every day.  The remaining traffic typically comes from repeat visitors.  That search engine traffic allows me to make a good first impression and possibly bring the surfer back for more information or send them deeper in my site to additional pages.  The deeper they go the more impressions I receive, the more potential I have to earn moeny from a PPC click. 

You want to employ good landing strategies, and you want to improve your page rank and page strength.  PageRank is a term used by Google to identify the importance of your website.  The more important the higher in the search engine rankings your site or page might go.

I really like the PageStrength tool at  It puts together a total score based on the weights that multiple Search Engines provide together, from yahoo to Alexa to Google and more.

I'd suggest you check your blogs page strength with the tool and then post the image code to display your sites strength so as to remind you to go back and check it as you improve the site.

Page Strength SEO Tool -

Here is the PageStrength of Adsense for Idiots as of November 7, 2006.  Notice this image is static and will not update on its own.  You must go back to the site and manually check and update this image button yourself!

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