Saturday, November 11, 2006

Some Great ways to generate more traffic!

I'd like to highlight some great ways to refer traffic to your blog.  If you have a new blog this is also a great way to get exposure to other blogs and get some ideas about how you want to refine and develop your blog.

Here is a small sample list of Blog surfing exchanges from our partners site, Softduit Partners:

  • webcentresurf
  • trafficpods
  • blogmad
  • clickpirate
  • blogazoo
  • blogadvance
  • A surf exchange gives you credits for every blog that you surf through on the internet.  You can then exchange that credit to the system to generate a referral that will send other blog surfers directly to your blog.

    If you build a good blog and write some great content, you may even convince those visitors to sign up for a subscription to your site and thus earn a repeat customer!

    For more information on surf exchanges and for a full list, check out Softduit blog surfing exchanges.

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