Wednesday, November 29, 2006

They'll make a deal with you and split the Affiliate Commission!

Ebates is a service that I came across today.  I heard about them a long time ago, but never had a chance to investigate more thoroughly.  I finally got around to looking into their business model today. 

Ebates provides consumers like yourselves with an interesting method of receiving additional rebates from your online purchases. 

Ebates has established a system where they provide coupons to their members.  They simply provide a portion of the affiliate commission to the shopper in the form of a rebate that the Etailer is paying to Ebates. 

Its real simple! 

Affiliate commissions have been around since before the internet was invented.  The technology just makes it easier to track and provide access to the masses via cookies and software that Ebates utilizes to insure that the sales are legitimately accounted for in their own affiliate commission.

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Colleen said...

When Ebates started, the were slow. I would hope the fact that they're still in business means they've improved on that?