Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Today's Featured Product: E-Commerce for Dummies $15.78

E-Commerce for Dummies from our Softduit Store.

$15.78 for Adsense For Idiots Readers

(some irony there I think . . . :)

You can find it and other great books at our Softduit Store.(Adsense for Idiots is owned by Softduit Partners)

We write a great deal about many ways that you can benefit from monetizing and improving your website or blog. But don't just take it from us, when you go into business working with the internet you need to stay up on as many sources and concepts as possible.

The web is in a constant state of change and you never know when an idea that makes money is going to turn stale or be re-invented.

Check out E-Commerce ofr Dummies. It covers a number of other areas besides those focused on here in this blog.

If you Like this store, check out our tutorial of setting up your own online store in 30 minutes.


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Unknown said...

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