Sunday, November 12, 2006

What is a Site Feed?

I was recently asked the Question, What is a site feed?

My reply:

A site feed is an XML script that processes yoru blog or webpage and prepares it for syndication. This basically means that it pulls the content up in a way that it can generically be 'fed' or pushed across the internet and viewed by a reader in a location that is not your website.

This can be very good for your readers that do not have time to surf to your web page every day. Its possible for them to read your articles as you post them through their favorite feed reader, or on MyYahoo or Googe pages, or even in Outlook. is the largest feed creator on the internet and provides a free level service that can help you learn how to benefit from a feed.

If you have a blogger blog, you automatically get an atom feed in the dashboard setup area. You'll need this (it looks like a link) and with it you can go to feedburner and paste it in and they will help you make the feed process pretty easy after that!

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