Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Blog Partners Wanted!

Are you looking to promote your own blog more?

Are you looking to share some great information about earning money by blogging?

Adsense for Idiots is looking for a couple blog partners to join in at our site here and contribute some useful information to our readers.

If you think you might be interested, leave a comment on this article with a hyperlink to an existing blog or website(s) .  The link can be to specific articles on the topic.

We are looking to cover these specific topics:

  • Earning Money with Adsense
  • Earning Money Blogging
  • Earning Money Writing
  • Blog Monetization
  • Podcast Monetization
  • Blog Promotion

All content submitted should be unique and written by you!

All post submissions will need to be at least 100 words in length, and ideally should cover individual topics.  We're not looking for dissertations or white papers, yet!

You can participate on the blog, daily, weekly or monthly or sporadically under any of those time frames (weekly for 2 weeks, daily for 4 days, and monthly the next 2 months). 

If you have some other collaborative ideas, we're always open to suggestions!

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