Friday, December 15, 2006

BlogExplosion sells credits - ergo Impressions beware Adsense users!

This week it came to my attention through the PayPerPost user forum that BlogExplosion does indeed sell credits to its members.

This means by inference that running a blog through Blog Explosion when that blog has Adsense ads running on it, would be a breach of the Google Adsense Terms of Service.

I have mentioned several time that running a blog on a blog exchange is an excellent way to promote it.  Knowing what I know about BlogExplosion does not change my mind.

You MUST remove the Adsense code from your blog before you run it on an exchange.

I run several of mine on exchanges for 1 week out of the month with no Google Adsense ads on them.  I take them off the exchange and put the Adsense back in to the blog.

This gets me more readers and keeps my Adsense account safe!

Hopefully someday Google will find a way to block clicks from the exchanges without having to shut down accounts.  The exchanges do perform a useful service for bloggers and should be used with care.  But they should definitely be used.

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