Saturday, December 09, 2006

Calling Out to More Writers - Sponsors will Pay You to Write on Your Blog!

I have been writing for a service called PayPerPost for almost 6 months now. 

I started slow when the service began.  I have earned at least $200 a month every month.  I have written more because I am more financially motivated and I have seen my PR go from zero and 1 on respective sites to 3 and 4 (and soon going to 5 on both).

You can earn anywhere from $5-$30 per day with sponsors on one blog and more if you have more than one blog.

I do recommend this service that brings paid posting sponsors to your door and puts money in your PayPal account like clockwork.  These days I get a PayPal payment almost every day and usually several a day!

Plus PPP now has a great affilliate program so you can round up your blogger friends also!  You will find that this is a largely growing and very helpful community of bloggers.  The service is excellent for bloggers and many are starting to advertise and sponsor bloggers of their own with the funds they have earned from PayPerPost.  You can definitely make this business model work for you to create a new stream of revenue.

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