Thursday, December 28, 2006

Naturally Speaking I might not type in the Future

As a professional blogger, I type a great deal.  I type thousands of words a day.  I have years of training as an ergonomics trainer and instructor working in data entry facillities.  This means I know how to avoid and prevent injury while I continue to type everyday.

Next week, I will commence trying an old tool in a new version that I  hope might spare me some of that work.  Its Dragon Naturally Speaking and its basically a speech-to-text or voice transcription program that allows a user to speak naturally and convert their words directly into typed text.

I've used the program in the past off and on over the years and it never seemed like it was an entirely practical solution.  But these days it seems to have taken a turn in evolution that might make it much more functional for me as a blogger.  I am hoping to begin typing most of my blog work by speaking it into my computer, saving my fingers and hands and wrists.  I will keep you posted on my efforts in this area and will let you know how it pans out and if the software is truly up to the challenge!


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