Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Softduit Partners Working On Surfing Exchange Solution for Bloggers

I was speaking with the chief development and design officer at Softduit Partners today over lunch.  She indicated that the design team at Softduit was fielding some new tools that could solve the problem that many bloggers encounter when they attempt to promote their site through various surf exchanges such as Blog Explosion or BlogMad or BlogSoldiers or any of the others.

We have discussed the problem here in the past, but the basic issue is that Google may send a nasty email/letter to any Google Adsense Account holders that run a blog or website through one of these exchanges as these exchanges engage and condone the practice of selling credits.  These credits can be converted into an impression indirectly and this is what Google does not like.

Softduit is working on a solution that would enable bloggers to keep their blogs and Adsense accounts in tact and run their blog promotion campaigns in a completely above board and acceptable fashion for Adsense and for the exchanges themselves.  Softduit is building a solution service package that will enable bloggers to get the full benefit from these exchanges without having to fear for their Adsense accounts nor re-code their blog templates every time they want to list or de-list from an exchange!

In summary its a solution that can enable bloggers to get serious about blog promotion and push their blogs whole heartedly and continue to focus on optimizing their blogs for content and monetization purposes separately.  We'll have previews of this service and soon, and hope to hear back from some of our readers and early beta testers soon after the beginning of the year.

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