Thursday, January 04, 2007

Activity Based Costing Software options getting cheaper

These days the price of bringing it great software is rapidly decreasing.  This is enabling many small and medium companies to utilize software solutions that would have cost a Fortune 500 company millions of dollars just a few years ago, not to mention consulting bills costing even more!

Prices are coming down significantly and this is allowing companies to run better performance analysis software on the cheap.  The thing is that companies must first setup their system to go in and identify the most appropriate metrics and systematically pull that information out and pipe it into the cheap software.  Then business owners and managers can get their hands on truly insightful information that can drastically help them to make better decisions.

Our sponsor Acorn Systems provides solutions according that offer businesses access to great activity based costing software along with the support and guidance necessary to successfully get the software up and running and triggered by the most appropriate numbers and metrics that are meaningful for the company.  Their solutions can help a company get a finger on the pulse of the business and navigate, inspect and analyze every inch of the cardiovascular system of that company in detail or zoom out to look at global trends.  Businesses need to take advantage of these types of solutions to keep their overhead down and make better, faster decisions.

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