Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Blog Topics and Blog Promotion on MyLot

Just wanted to mention that MyLot is an excellent place to promote your blog, your articles or even just come up with some topics.

I just spendt 15 minutes there and found a topic on doomsday via a plankton/ant revolt against humans and a new paid to post discussion forum called Payposter.

The first would make a nice addition to one of my comedy blogs and the other will make a nice review option here on Adsense for Idiots.  If you have not yet found some useful material from MyLot, it might be worth checking out.

I wouldn't count on earning a huge amount there.  I've posted 200 discussion responses and have earned $7.60 to date.  But I have picked up several hundred topcic ideas that have earned me several hundred dollars there, so the $7.60 is just icing on the cake, the real cake is in the topics and discussion and in the promotion when you drop a link on occassion that is relevant to the topic of discussion.

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