Friday, January 05, 2007

Exodus3000 Pays You to Play games Online

OK, we all need a quick little break from blogging, web design, seo, sem, key word analysis, html coding and more.

I typically take a 15 minute time out to play Exodus3000. The site has an ingenious business plan behind it.  Basically, people play a game with a complexity level of something between Stratego and Risk.  Each move they make, generates a new web page and ca-ching, that's an impression.

The game motivates people to accumulate Martian Dollars, to buy more stuff, to earn more dollars faster.  The cool thing is that you can convert the Martian Dollars into real US dollars via PayPal.

You should check it out.  Look at it from the keen practiced eye of someone that understands a little bit about Adsense and see if you can spot some flaws or ways that the business model can be improved.  Look at it like a little research project.  There are other sites that essentially pay people to play games as well.  I'm always trying them out myself. 

I do like the idea of earning money while I take a break.  Glad I don't smoke anymore, I'm sure someone will come up with a PayToSmoke business model someday soon.

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