Saturday, January 27, 2007

Full Service Law Firm for big and small

I would like to offer up a few words for our sponsor, a great law firm serving all types of clients, big and small.   simmons jannace & stagg a law firm that offers up a wide range of legal services for small, medium and large companies.  They serve many fortune 500 companies from Best Buy to Kmart to Coca-Cola and Washington Mutual.

They started over ten years ago with a smaller practice and have grown significantly since with practices in New York, Connecticut and New jersey.  They push their attorney's and legal teams to think out of the box and when possible find creative solutions to client problems to avoid or minimize conflict.  Their release indicates that they provide high quality representation for very reasonable rates.  They represent clients on matters that range from consumer litigation, securities law, municipal law, bankruptcy, environmental law and even creditors rights as they represent credit card companies, banks and investment firms.

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