Saturday, January 13, 2007

Introducing a Blog Mirror

I am testing a new service that creates a Blog Mirror.  A blog mirror creates an image of your blog that is not a copy.

The image is distinct and not something that will penalize you for duplicate content. A blog mirror strips out advertising or any items that you want removed from your blog for various reasons.

In my case I am using the blog mirror for blog promotion.  I have a blog at Maven Mapper's Information - .

This blog has Adsense ads on it.  I can not promote this blog through services like Blogmad or Blogexplosion (see sidebar) without breaking the Google TOS.

Instead, I have established the Blog Mirror through services at Softduit Partners.  The blog mirror resides on Softduit's domain at 

This is the address that I list on the blog surfing exchanges.  This is then displayed to visitors on those exchanges.  They can still view my blog and even click through to visit my real blog, but I do not have to fear losing my Google Adsense account.

I keep in line with the Google TOS.  I am not generating duplicate content (as the service prevents indexing) yet I can still benefit from promotional efforts to get and attract new readers!



Anonymous said...

Please enlighten me on this:
It is good to increase the traffic without breaking the TOS via the mirror service. However, if everybody will to reach your blog via the mirror, how can you earn money from adsense?

Unknown said...

This would serve entirely as a way to drum up promotion for your content. It is a way to introduce a person to your blog and possibly encourage them to sign up for either the feed or come back directly.

Through the blog mirror as soon as they click on any link within the mirror they are also sent directly to your blog where you may have adsense displayed.

This can be viewed as a useful way to get your foot in the door utilizing services that essentially offer up free blog marketing.