Saturday, January 27, 2007

News Hook - Types of Linkbait

I am continuing my series covering the types of Linkbait that can be created on your blog or site to attract people to link to your site.

Yellow House Hosting's Link Baiting Article called out several types of linkbait and one of those was the News Hook.  Basically speaking a News Hook is a unique article or news story.  If you have news that no one else has then it can definitely become good link bait.  To put it into journalistic terms your unique news becomes a primary source. 

Some nefarious types may steal your content with out attribution or links to it, however many blogs will want to link to your site and show you as the source as they can not verify the news and its accuracy.  The fact that you have put unique news out there makes you a primary source and this is an excellent form of linkbait.

So get the scoop, write an article and you have instant news hook linkbait!

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