Monday, January 01, 2007

Old Man Time is Reborn-Refresh Your Content Too

The new year is here and in some fables, old man time has aged all year long, passed away and has been reborn as a New Year baby.  He's refreshing his content!

You need to keep your content fresh as well.  Bloggers usually find this easier to do than typical website owners.  A blog is setup under the principle of adding a new fresh content all the time, every month, week, sometimes day, sometimes multiple times per day.

More content will attract more readers to your website.  Great content will bring them back.

Don't dump content out there just to have content, but make sure you don't paint a white fence too long seeking perfection either. 

You should find that good balance between regular updates and perfect.  You can always make tweaks and improvements after the fact, but if you are blogging be aware that this can mess with your feed if you republish an older article.

Regardless, you do not want published errors, so either consider fixing it or putting in a correction in a separate article later.

For website owners, if you are not running a blog, you should definitely consider adding this useful marketing tool.  It gives your site or business a reason to publish new and fresh content and attract more visitors.  Some websites need to remain clean, clear and simple and there is no room for content on some of those pages, but adding a blog section can give you a place to put that knowledge, and information.  The regular additions and updates to the blog will attract more people to your blog and if you build it well, they will funnel over to your web site too!

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