Thursday, January 25, 2007

PageRank Predictor

Several people are indicate that the next Google PageRank update is coming as soon as 1-28-07, just three more days.  Now is the time to make some of those last ditch blog promotion efforts to improve the ranking of your site.

Softduit Partners provides a list of over 125 Blog Directories listed in order of the directories PageStrength.

Get listed in these directories and it will increase the number of incoming links to your blog, which can increase your PageRank.

If you are wondering where you PR is now, or where it is projected to go, Softduit also has a PageRank Predictor available where you can get an idea of where you stand today, and how much work you may have to do to insure that your PR is where it should be.

Check your PR, Check your projected PR, and Fix it Up today!

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