Thursday, January 25, 2007

Rodeo Drive Tummy Tuck Boutique

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So you are following my get rich slow advice and building up an internet fortune, what are you going to use all that new found wealth to do?

When I think about such things, I think:

  1. I need to live longer to enjoy life more
  2. I need to be healthier
  3. I want my loved ones to be healthier and live longer too

One of the ways to achieve these goals is with a little good old American cosmetic surgery.  A new boutique opened up offering a los angeles tummy tuck on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills.  They have are promoting their tummy tuck surgery which will decrease your weight, make you healthier, and look better too. 

Dr. Krieger is the founder and his medical center offers everything from tummy tucks, to liposuction, breast implants and facial rejuvenation.  If you are going to amass wealth, you might as well enjoy it for the long haul.

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