Friday, January 05, 2007

SecondLife is a Great New Medium to Promote Your Site and Earn Money

I have been exploring an entirely new medium (its been around for a while and written about for almost 20 years but its new to me.)   Its called SecondLife and its basically a virtual reality game world online. 

Its really a virtual overlay on top of the internet.  It makes for an infinitely more interesting user experience in many ways.  You literally are a person in this world and explore the net by walking, flying and teleporting.  Plus you can talk to other web surfers.

There's a business angle to it as well.  You can earn Linden dollars in SecondLife and convert them into real cash.  Its free to set up a user account, but you will need a basic level graphics card to run the program (browser like interface for this online medium).

Once you get the hang of it, you can learn how to cross promote your old fashioned online web pages to the surfers in SecondLife.  I'll be covering this cross promotion more in articles to follow.


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