Sunday, February 04, 2007

Ashop Shopping Cart Software

You can make money all day long from Adsense and other ads monetizing your site, however there is also money to be made selling your own products.  Once you have a sizable reader or visitor base, it might be time to consider if setting up a shopping cart on your site and selling products will be a good way to benefit from all that hard earned internet traffic.

Our sponsor provides shopping cart software solutions enabling companies to build their own highly optimized and validated e-commerce solution that will give your customers the sense of security they need to complete a transaction.  They have recently sent out a press release taking about their strengths in this area that include their abilities to:

  • Streamlined layouts and designs
  • Sticky layout capable of walking a visitor from the landing page to the check out page. 
  • Affiliate program management tools leveraging the traffic of websites around the world to help sell your products or services through your shopping cart. 
  • Low setup price that is under $100 and a monthly service licensing fee that is also $100! 

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