Friday, February 09, 2007

Blog Directory - Boost Page Rank, Earn More

Page Rank is worth Money!  The higher your page rank is the more money your blog is worth and the more revenue you can earn from your blog.  We have a listing of over 125 blog directories at Softduit.

Why do you need to consider listing in free blog directories?

It raises your page rank and that makes you eligible for more money!

PayPerPost for example is currently offering article opportunities that pay $35 - $125 for medium ranked blogs.  Blogs with a Page Rank of 5, 6, or 7 can qualify for these opportunities.

For a PR 5 blog you could earn $35 for writing an article of a couple hundred words and providing a link to their site.

For a PR 6 blog you could earn $75 for writing a couple hundred words in an article and linking to their site.

For a PR 7 blog you can earn $125  for writing a couple hundred words in an article and linking to their site.

They had an opportunity earlier today paying $1,000 for blogs with a PR 8.  That's for an Article!  Not even a link that will always remain on the front page of the blog.

How do you build your Page Rank up?

One way is by increasing the number of links to your blog.  A free and easy way to do this is to list your blog in a number of blog directories.

Better yet, list your blog with the best directories of PR 9, 8, 7, 6, 5 on down.

Start with the high ones and work your way down.  You can get a free link to your site on a directory with a high PR, when people are paying $35, $75, $125, $1000 for links from sites with the same weight.

So check out Softduit's Directory of Blog Directories,  Sorted According to the highest ranked directories first and start submitting your blog today.  The sooner you do the higher your PR goes and the more money you will be able to earn!

Plus there are over 100 directories listed at Softduit.  That's 100 more links than you have today, so what are you waiting for???

What's My Page Rank?

Not sure what your Google Page Rank is?

Check out our Page Rank Tools at Softduit.

  1. Check your Page Rank
  2. Take a screen shot of it with the date included
  3. List your blog in the directories
  4. Check it again after the next Google Update
  5. Send us the details of how much your page rank increased and we'll write an article about you from our blog and post your details at Softduit, sending you 2 more links from a PR 4 site and a PR 3 blog!

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ladynada said... is another new site that does the same thing.

I can attest to blogskinny helping drive traffic to my blog. I have seen the search referral in the stats where a user has clicked on a search result with blogskinny's url that directs them to my blog.

I also participated in their programs and did get to be on the top page of their site for an entire day ( in a rotation ).

I recommend blogskinny

There are a few entries on my blog that refer to blogskinny