Monday, February 05, 2007

Blogspot May not Give You Credibility but Associated Content Will!

Here is a very valuable lesson that can literally open doors for you.

As a blogger you are a defacto journalist.  You are part of the media.  Being part of the media is very powerful and you can use that power for good and to found a career as a writer.

Join Associated Content

Writing a blog on Blogger or Blogspot or livejournal or Yahoo360 or a free Wordpress site will not give you journalistic credibility.

Writing for Associated Content will give you that credibility in many circles.  You may not get invited to the yearly White House Correspondents dinner, but referring to your Associated Content Byline can provide proof of your credentials as a writer and a journalist.  (See what is a Byline.) 

Last January I traveled to the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.  My Byline from Associated Content provided access to media credentials, events and access to people in various companies.  With this access I was able to hold interviews, gather information and put together a writing game plan of content that I would cover after the show.

A fortune 500 representative may not pay attention to you if you tell them that you blog at but when you are wearing a media badge and have many articles to back you up, they'll pay attention.  Companies are looking for good press and you are looking for content, so do consider writing for  You may not get rich from that effort alone, but you will earn some money and get access to some great stories.

Great stories on the internet can make you rich and with time and practice you can do some very great things!

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