Friday, February 02, 2007

Contrary Hook - Types of Linkbait

There is a type of linkbait that may be one of the most devious or most cunning forms of linkbait that there is.  Its not as mean spirited as the attacking linkbait where you go after the writer of an article with everything you have, but its similar.

All you have to do is play devil's advocate and Take a Contrary Position!

Here's how you should do it according to the Linkbaiting article we have been using as linkbait.  You find a blog or news article that has a track back functionality built into the site.

You copy down the permalink.

Then you write an article that is contrary to the position of that original article and if possible give it a catch headline.

If you can publish that article quickly enough, you might be the first person listed in their trackbacks.  Then as people come to the end of the article you will get an opportunity to capture some readers with your dissent.  Works just like politics on the night of the State of the Union speech!

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