Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Fixing PayPerPost Opts that have been Rejected watch out for the double button

I noticed a small thing, not so much as an error, but could be misinterpreted as one.

If you get a post rejected and go in and fix it. You will want to submit the opportunity for reconsideration.

I do not recall how it looked in the old version, but now you get to the bottom of the screen and you receive to button options.

1. Take Opportunity
2. Save Changes

Save Changes confusion

When you create an opportunity you click on number 1.

When you fix a rejection, you can only click on number 2 even though the take opportunity button image is presented and it looks and feels like you should be able to click on number 1.

I'm not sure what type of page design or coding is used to make the Save Changes link show up, but I think it would help the interface if either the two buttons were consolidated or if the Take Opportunity button were hidden for posts that are being rejected.

If you miss the Save Changes button , it is possible that a user will think that the system is erroring out when its not. Just not real user friendly.


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