Tuesday, February 13, 2007

If you mis-spell a keyword in your title - delete the post and publish again

The last thing most bloggers want to do is delete a post.  They may edit it, they may move it they may change it but they do not want to delete it.  On blogger when you post an article Blogger creates a file name based on the words in the title.

What do I do if my file name has a mis-spelled word?

If you happen to mis-spell a keyword in the title that means it will be mis-spelled in file name as well.

I did this with a recent post, which inspired the article.

I left my mistake published for the sake of education.  If you go to the link for the article Adsense ranks Number Four on Google for Adsense Tips, you will see no mis-spellings in the title.  however if you look at the URL, you will notice that the word four is spelled for.

My spell check missed it, I was tired and missed it until I published.  Then I saw it in the title and fixed the title.  I then realized immediately after that I still had a mis-spelling in the file name!

Now I should delete it, but I won't this time.  Whenever you make this mis-stake, if you catch it before you post another article and before your site can be pinged, fed or indexed, delete out that mis-spelled file and republish it with the correct spelling.


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