Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Promote Your Blog Articles with Top10Tech.com

Softduit Partners, the company that runs Adsense for Idiots and offers a great listing of blog directories is preparing to launch a new website.  The new site will be at Top10Tech.com and will feature many sub categories of tech related information from Web Tech Tips to Top 10 Gadgets, or Top Military Tech or Top Auto tech and more.

Promoting Original Article Reviews to Your Blog

Their new site will feature summaries from bloggers that have written reviews on any tech related item that falls within their categories or sub categories.  The site will help bloggers promote their individual articles through direct links to their blogs and by sending readers to the site from top10tech.  If you write tech reviews occassionally or on a regular basis, this new service could be a great way to help promote your articles and drive more traffic to your own site!  Check it out ahead of time and let us know if you have additional tech related categories that should be covered. 

Soon Looking for Writers

Top10Tech will also be looking for additional writers in the future.  A job board will be launched within a few weeks, so be sure to book mark the site and check back!

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