Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Putting Wikipedia to Work for You!

Wikipedia is an online open source encyclopedia.  Users from around the world submit information about every topic under the sun in every written lanuage.

Source of Information

Wikipedia can be an excellent point of reference information when you are writing articles.  The informations accuracy is sometimes questionable as users can submit inaccurate information.  Overtime the online community will usually edit this information until the reference is solid.

Submitting Information

If you searchWikipedia and fail to find a topic covering an area that you would like to reference, you might consider your own knowledge of the topic.  You can create an index for a topic and kick things off.  Its important to try and use the most accurate information possible or else the details will be edited out and your contributions will be lost.  Plus, like an ebay sellers credibility this could harm your own credibility so keep it factual.

Covering your Web Pages

Among other things you should consider building out a repository of reference information about yourself and the sites you write about.  This will among other things provide links to your sites, but more importantly it will make your work more transparent and credible.  Again do not put bad information into the system or else it will likely be deleted or edited out doing you absolutely no good and wasting your time!

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