Friday, February 02, 2007

Use Your Google Analytics Stats to Generate Traffic!

OK, here is a simple idea and application that you can use to drum up some more traffic.

At the end of the year or end of the month or during any period that you want to choose, check your Google analytics and run down the top 10 viewed pages on your blog.

From this top ten list right up a short article on your blog and list those articles, and call the article something like Most viewed pages for 2006.

Then put a link in your sidebar to make it easier for your readers to find those most viewed pages.

You can see how I applied this on a Video Blog I put Viral Videos or here is the direct link Most Viewed Viral Videos for 2006.

In a couple weeks when that article moves further down my list, I'll add a permanent link in the sidebar.  Then year after year, I'll pick up additional top ten listings for each year.  This will make my site stickier and encourage visitors to go deeper into the blog and view more pages. 

More page impressions means more $$$$ :)

So put your Google analytics to work to generate some more impressions for your site!


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