Sunday, April 29, 2007 The Razzies of the Sponsored Article Industry

I came across a site the other day called  They offer a website where they're looking to gather categories for nominations for a notoriously evil award called a 'Farty.'  The idea is that there are a number of bloggers that are joining the ranks and starting to write sponsor articles to monetize their blogging efforts.  As these bloggers join this new world many of them go through a learning curve and some of the articles that they write up your rubbish.

In addition some of the advertisers that advertise to have bloggers write about them provide rubbish for topics to be covered.  Fart Per Post was apparently established to call out the rubbish and invite the sponsored article industry to have a good laugh at itself on occasion.  So if you come across a stupid sponsored article or stupid sponsored advertising topic submitted to far proposed and we can all enjoy a good laugh.  After all we all make mistakes on occasion, and sometimes we need a laugh those mistakes acknowledge them and move on.

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