Monday, April 02, 2007

Putting the Buzz Package Together

I like to share a recent I would like to share a recent project that we've been working on it Softduit Partners.  We have a campaign going where we are helping a software designer get the word out about their products.  To do this we engage in a multi-level parking campaign.  The campaign is not complete yet it's still under way and still building and growing as I type this article right now.

I started by completing a seed review on a different site featuring a project management software tool that can be very effective for online marketing campaign managers.  The software is called Topicscape and it provides the ability to create 3d mindmaps which can be used to track all of the facets and details of a marketing campaign.

Here's one of the quick videos that we created to show the quick zoom functionality.

We then worked to identifyother well-established and capable bloggers to cover the primary reviews.  Here is one of those reviews by Utterly Geek of Topicscape.

Will share more details about this project as it develops.

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