Thursday, April 12, 2007

The Simple Steps of Setting up a WebSite

I would like to share with you the simple steps is setting up a website.

  1. Acquire a domain
  2. acquire hosting service
  3. if steps one and two are not performed together, point the domain at the hosting service
  4. upload your files to the hosting service


That's it!

It's not complex, it's downright easy.

Figuring out how to build the pages and what services to use our software programs can make things more complicated but even that's pretty easy.  If you utilize Word press to just create a blog is an example, you only need to add a couple extra steps.

  1. The files you uploaded in step four above, will include your Word press software files.
  2. You will need to login to your hosting service and configure a MySQL database(this is easy all you have to do is hit a button to create a database, give it a name, and then establish a user with a password for the user and point the user to the database -- that may sound slightly complex but really all you have to do is hit about four buttons and come up with a database name a username and a password, all of those names need to be under about eight characters usually)
  3. then you simply configure your Word press file with the database name, user ID and password and upload that single file again
  4. then go to your demesne and follow the four step were press install instructions and now your site will be live
  5. then log in the were press and do the custom setup and configuration steps in your home free!

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