Monday, May 28, 2007

Bloggerwave cleared by PayPal

PayPal this weekend confirmed that Bloggerwave is not engaging in fraud and that their account is open for business.

Earlier this month several bloggers experienced payment reversals relating to paid articles written for Bloggerwave.  PayPal initially indicated that these reversals were related to unauthorized access to bank or credit card accounts through Bloggerwave's paypal account.

PayPal is now stating that Bloggerwave's account was temporarily flagged.  Transactions including payments to bloggers that occurred during the flagged period were reversed when PayPal was unable to get information confirming the legitimacy of the payments from Bloggerwave.  These transactions occurred around the 8th of May.

Bloggerwave got to work and corrected the situation with PayPal this week and in doing so seems to have increased their trust levels with bloggers.

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