Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Direct Advertising for Online Visitors?

You have probably seen advertisements in older mediums used to bring people online.  You might find something on a billboard, on TV, or even in the mail.  This can be a very useful way to get some one on one attention with people.  That one on one attention can be your opportunity to bring new people into your site that might not otherwise cross your path.

Martin Worldwide provides Mailing Lists with a mega database of over 290 million people living in the US.  They recently provided a release about their database ResponsCom.  This is a collection of buying behaviors and information for millions of people.  Just like running an Adwords campaign in direct advertising you want to insure that your money is used wisely and effectively, this means a shot gun approach is not going to be desirable.  That typically only helps for generic brand building.  You want to find the people in the demographics that are most likely to convert and show up at your site.

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