Sunday, June 10, 2007

Adsense Slow Down in the Summer?

I have been following a discussion thread over at performancing about the concept that website traffic may slow down during the summertime for certain websites.  Personally I haven't seen this type of slowdown myself.

However I'm sure that it does exist for some websites.  As we've been discussing that at performancing, we talked about what you could do with your time to best you leisure efforts in turn to slow traffic situation akin to a glass half empty into an opportunity to refill the cup.

Personally I think it's a good time to consider rebooting your blog and preparing for the times to come.  I also think it's a good time to diversify your web business into other areas.

If neither one of those options are good for you, then start sandbagging and writing content and articles that you won't publish until the traffic picks up!

You need to write articles that won't fade or look out of place if you publish them two months from now.  That's not always easy to do in the world of the Internet were things change so fast, but it is possible.  Then you can capitalize on getting the most bang for your buck out of your published works later on down the road when your readers come back.

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