Saturday, June 30, 2007

Build a Bigger Link Bait

I have been working on a new blog for a couple months now.  Sometimes I'll start a new blog as I'm filling development time.  Then I get distracted when my primary projects kick back in and the new blog gets delayed.

Its not really suffering, its new, its just not happening much yet.

Well, I have been trying to catch up on a new blog called Home Loan Focus.  It will obviously help provide more information to people trying to get a Home loan or mortgage.  It will also give a number of tips on saving money and improving credit.  They all go hand in hand together.

So I found inspiration in a newsletter from  They provide a list of 7 things to do to save money on Childcare.  I read the list and saw that they had missed a lot of things.

Building a Bigger Link Bait

The list gave me an idea.  I realized that I could use the newsletter as a source for some content.  So I started writing and before you know it, I had not 8 or 9 total but 26 ways to save money on childcare.

Now I've covered a mess of ways to do linkbaits in the past

  1. How to Build a Linkbait
  2. Types of Linkbaits
    1. Video
    2. News Hook
    3. Attack
    4. Humor Hook
    5. Resource Hook
    6. Pictures
    7. Long Lists
    8. Contrary Hooks

As I see this, this is a slight twist on the Long Lists version of linkbaiting.  Its essentially building a 'long list' than already exists and boom you have a linkbait.

Now I would definitely cite the original source.  Don't rip off someone else's work.  Besides if you are adding to their contribution, then they might check out your article and possibly send some of their readers your way for the additional information.

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