Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Choosing your Web Partners Wisely

Many bloggers tend to hop from advertising partner to the next searching for that perfect match where they get paid the most for doing the least.  Google Adsense at one time probably fit that bill pretty well, but it seems to be stumbling a bit.

The thing is that it takes a lot of experimenting and sometimes we choose partners that don't deliver or that do not work well with our site or blog.  Maybe its a seasonal thing, maybe its the type of ads that are running, maybe its the technology, but something in the equation might not work and that stalls out our plans to buy that elegant luxury home on a bay in Boca Raton.

That means you have to pull out old code from your template or site, find a new partner, install their codes, optimize for their specific requirements and start all over again. 

Partners that Fight

Sometimes the partners compete with each other and they don't always play fair.  One advertising company might prevent you from working with another.  They make it a requirement of participation with them, but in many ways it feels and smells like anti-trust even if it doesn't fall under that within the letter of the law.

So that means you have to scrub all those agreements for each partner and understand who allows you to work with who and under what conditions.

They are all fighting for your web real estate and hoping like a realtor chasing a 7% commission on a milion dollar home to lock you into an exclusive deal so that they can control your real estate offerings.  My advice read the TOS carefully and be ready to pull the plug on non-performing partners.

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