Friday, June 29, 2007

Domain Speculation for Link Building

We were having a speculative theoretical conversation

in the performancing community's evening.  We were talking about the possibility of purchasing domains and developing them with a dozen or more static pages.  We came up with a hypothetical situation where you could build a website and establish a page rank with that website of three or four.

The website should cover a particular niche lets say cross stitching as an example.  You could then set up 10 similar websites that also covered the particular niche of cross stitching.  None of the site utilized any duplicate content, they would all be entirely unique.

Each of these sites within point to your preferred site which also focused on cross stitching.  Your focal site would then be developed as you develop any site but you do have 10 good links from PR three or four blogs or websites for months and months and may be years.  To keep the search bots moving you could even move those links around on the different pages potentially.  It doesn't cost hardly anything to register a domain and so you could establish a link building campaign for dirt cheap, but those links will last a very long time.

The outstanding question is "How long would the page rank of all those sites hold up?"

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