Friday, June 29, 2007

Google Referrals through Adsense

In addition to putting contractual advertising on your website and then running Google ad sense programs, you can also utilize Google's referral programs.  They provide incentives for anybody that downloads their applications and installs them on a computer.  These referrals tend to take place, after some these actually utilized the program once.

That means you don't get credit for the download and hence don't earn any money until the following things happen

  1. someone goes to your website
  2. They click on one of your referral buttons from Google
  3. they download the software package that Google is offering
  4. they install that software that they've just downloaded
  5. and they run the program for the first time


There are a few other odd exceptions that sometimes creep into the mix.  Google tends to pay different amounts based on sometimes the location of a blogger or the website owner that's running their referral buttons.  Sometimes they pay different amounts depending on the location of the person that downloads the program.  This location-based payment amount seems to focus on currency exchange rate differences.  I see a lot of conjecture on how this is actually cockpit but never seen anything factual.

I pointed out so that if you see some amounts that aren't typical for what you expected from that referral buttons, it could be because the person that use the button was located in a different country where the exchange rates are different generating a payout rate that varies from the norm.

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